Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Product Rave: Bobbi Brown Sunless Tanning Gel.

When I was in highschool I developed this crazy allergic reaction to the sun. Imagine going on your senior spring break and having to be shaded from the sun? Yup, that was me. All my friends came home with this golden brown skin and I came home with a pale body and sunburned hands (yes, I forgot to apply sunscreen to the back of my hands..lesson learned)I have outgrown this reaction, but because I did have it, I tried out a TON of sunless name it I tried it. Whether it was the aersol spray tan..Mystic Tan, tanning towelettes, or the many gels and creams that are out there. The one tanning product that I have found to work the best for me is Bobbi Brown sunless tanner. It really works.

You can use it on face and body which is great for gals/guys with acne prone skin and it smells good, is NEVER orange and gives just a great subtle tan. I have pretty fair skin but I still choose the "medium/dark" shade. It's very buildable, you can use it to gradually get a darker shade. It never makes me break out either. You seriously need to try this product!! Of course with any product it doesn't work with everyone, but I highly recommend Bobbi Brown Sunless Tanning Gel for face and body. Price: $30.00

To use: For best results, exfoliate before applying. Apply small amount at a time to desired area, blend well. For a darker tan, two or three sheer coats may be layered. Wash hands after use.

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