Thursday, March 25, 2010


Based on ELLE UK 03.10 magazine there are 8 key pieces we should be looking for this season. A lot of these pieces are simply going back to basics.

1.Utility. Just because you are sporting a utility inspired piece doesn't mean you need sacrifice your femininity or glamour. Balmain came out with a gold sequined camo top that is amazing. I think you will be seeing a lot of skinny cargo pants.

2.Leather. Its everywhere. Not heavy leather but a very thin leather...think leather tanks or light-weight jackets, even leather t-shirts.

3.The Trench. Anyway you do's in. Cropped, frilly, embellished, it's all good.

4.Americana. Take it back to any American designer and you will see some type of American influence.

5.Denim. Denim on top of denim. I always thought this was a no no, isn't denim on denim called a Canadian suit? Anyway, it doesn't matter because it was huge on the runways. Break up the denim with a wide dark brown leather belt..a la chic.

6.The white shirt. Everyone has one. This season its a little different. It's not the boring old basic, it's glamafied (is that a word?! Doesn't matter I just made it one) with ruffles, wraps, and growing lengths.

7.Shorts. Get to the gym ladies. Shorts are back with a vengeance. Any length, any is in. With heels please.

8.Micro Trends. They won't be here for long but they are here for this season. The drape dress. The evening jumpsuit. The long skirt. The track pant.
Check out photo collage 2 for examples of these super cute micro trends..but hurry, they won't be here for long.

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