Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My couch before and after using Slipcovershop.com

So, I thought I would share a great experience I had with you. A while ago I decided that I wanted a new couch. I did a lot of shopping and had a small budget. I thought I wanted a sectional and actually bought one and brought it home, but it was so uncomfortable. I kept on going back to my couch. The couch I had was the most comfortable couch I have ever sat in. It is a down filled couch and is constructed really well. I just couldn't live with the idea of giving it up to someone on craigslist.

I called a local company about making a custom slipcover, and they wanted around $900. $900 for a custom slipcover?? I couldn't believe it. I knew I could do better. That's when I turned to the internet. I searched a few websites and finally decided on Slipcovershop.com. I couldn't be happier about my experience with this company. When I ordered the fabric swatches, they were shipped super fast and they made the whole process of measuring and ordering fool proof. I opted for the upgraded individual cushion covers with zippers. I really wanted the option of taking them off and washing them with ease.

I think it was 5 days later and I had my custom slip cover..5 days!! I love my new slipcover and I will keep going back to slipcovershop.com My slipcover ended up costing $450.00 and it was worth every penny!

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Here is an example of their measuring process:
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