Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ikea here we come!

So, Mr. K and I have decided to take a lil trip to Ikea tomorrow, which is 2 hours away from us. I really enjoy early morning road trips with him because it gives us a chance to listen to NPR and have some great conversations about whats going on in the world. He works about 55-60 hours a week so every chance I get with him I cherish!

Ok, enough sappy talk, let's get on to the purchases. Right now in the dining room we have a table that reminds me of a farm house. When I originally bought my house, 6 years ago, I was into that type of look. I was into vintage,antiques,traditional. Now my style has changed and so has my kitchen! (pictures to come) I am now going for more of a modern-traditional feel. Below is a picture of what my dining table looks like now and what we are looking to get from Ikea.

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