Friday, April 16, 2010

A Peace Treaty's First Jewelry Collection.

If you haven't heard of A Peace Treaty you are in for a treat! It's a new socially conscious label of global products, it was started by two amazing women,a Pakistani Muslim and a Linyab Jew, to raise gloabal awareness.

Their first collection focused on gorgeous, hand-loomed scarves from Pakistan’s Punjab Province. Up next? Jewelry! Though it may seem like they come from another time, any of the twelve pieces can be made to order in 30 days or less. Standouts include the set of three triangle rings that look equally as cool stacked or worn on separate fingers and the thin hoops with hanging charms, but every single creation strikes a perfect balance between tough and elegant.

A Peace Treaty plans to develop relationships throughout the Middle East, overseeing the process from design to consumption. Proceeds benefit organizations like Counterpart International, which brings medical supplies to Darfur.

Here is a look at the amazing jewelry collection!

images via shopbop

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